About the Abruem


  • 45 affiliated universities
  • More than 40.000 teachers
  • 700.000 students
  • 2.000 undergraduate courses
  • 1.700 postgraduate courses (masters and doctorates)
  • Dozens of university hospitals and medical centers for the population
  • Dozens of veterinary hospitals

The Brazilian Association of Rectors of Provincial and Municipal Universities (Abruem), created in 1991 and based in the city of Brasília (capital of the Nation), is one of the most important Higher Education organizations in Brazil and Latin America. Acting directly in 20 Provinces of Brazil, through its 45 partner universities, Abruem intends to permanently deepen the discussion of themes relevant to the Higher Education agenda, always wishing to harmonize teaching, research, community services, innovation and international cooperation. Non-profit private legal entity, Abruem serves thousands of students at all levels of Higher Education in the classroom, blender learning (B-learning) and distance modalities. With participation in different councils and advisory units all over Brazil (in order to support the implementation of educational policies together with the authorities of the government and the private sector), the Association has as important flag the physical presence in the most interior areas of the country, by virtue of its enormous capillarity of own headquarters, shared headquarters, centers of distance education (called EaD, in Portuguese) and other structures maintained by universities. Its general objective is expressed in first article of its statute: "congregation of Brazilian provincial and municipal universities around their institutional purposes". Abruem is also advocate for the cause of internationalization, annually developing many actions involving educational missions to other countries, scientific cooperation agreements, diplomatic meetings and much more. In adopting such strategies, Abruem justifies our reason for existence, always acting in benefit of society, notably in poor areas and along with the population who most need support from the provincial and municipal Higher Education system. Thus, Abruem has as president one of the rector of the associated universities, chosen by the other rectors for a two year term, with the same standard for the election of the vice president. Ind addition, the entity still has a full board (in which all rector have a participation), as the main decision-making body; a Deliberative Council; a Fiscal Council; and an Executive Secretary.

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